Reimaging A Brand Stuck in the 80’s

Ricoh is a brand best known for their fax machines, scanners, copiers, and other outdated technology. However, in the past couple of decades, Ricoh has become a huge tech company. Yet, their image was stuck in the past. For the 2020 HIMMS Conference (a global health conference), they wanted a booth that would stand out amongst the crowd. (Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, a week before launch the conference was canceled. The following is what the intended experience was supposed to be.)

My Role
  • Concept
  • Created user journey and customer experience
  • Designed space and layout
  • Art directed all printed material

Fredda Hurwitz (Chief Marketing Officer)
Arin Michelle Weisner (Director of Client Services)
Kohei Ito (Account Coordinator)
Brielle Clearfield (Producer)
Megan Learn (Graphic Designer)
Thomas Mais (Graphic Designer)
Jameson Klug (3D Renderer)

Overview of the Space

At a conference showcasing the newest tech, how do you stand out?… By going green. Ricoh is a huge leader in environmental sustainability. Because of that, I concepted a luscious green space that included a live 18′ tree and several other live plants. In addition, a hedge wall showcased Ricoh’s 5 guiding principles.

Initial mockup created by me.

Consumer Journey

The large plant life and hedge wall would create an eye-catching booth consumers would have to check out. Even on the outside of the hedge wall, we would include pull-up banners for additional messaging. We would funnel consumers through the main entry way by the front desk. Here, a brand ambassador would hand out a 5 panel accordion brochure listing key messages Ricoh wanted to convey. Inside the booth, these 5 key messages were reiterated on the hedge wall in acrylic signs. Consumers could use our lounge space to speak with a representative to learn more. An interactive TV would also sit in the lounge space as an additional learning tool.


Before leaving the space, each person would be invited to pick a seed packet hanging from our tree as a giveaway and a reminder of their experience with Ricoh.

I can’t thank you and your organization enough.  This was one of the best concepts I’ve  ever seen and it is so in line with the sustainability messaging that we deliver to our customers every day.  There is so much we can do with this as our foundation and it ties in perfectly with our case studies and so many of the large projects that are underway.

Ellen Graham, Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer at ricoh

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