The World is Better When We Connect


While working at RedPeg, I proposed we participate in Parking Day, an event held across the nation where organizations transform a parking spot for the day. RedPeg is an experiential agency that prides itself on creating meaningful experiences through human connection. Because of this, we decided to use our space to showcase the power of interaction and how the world is ultimately better when we are able to come together. We also utilized this time as a recruitment tool for the local nearby college and as a networking opportunity. (Oh, and did I mention we did this on a $2,000 budget.)

  • Concept
  • Designed overall experience
  • Oversaw design assets
  • Assisted with production needs on-site
  • Art directed video

Fredda Hurwitz (Chief Marketing Officer)
Kelly Padgett (Senior Experience Designer)
Mareya Stearns (Experience Design Intern)
Orion Taylor (Senior Producer)
Brielle Clearfield (Producer)
Cole Pearson (Videographer/Editor)


At our booth, we handed out free popsicles. The only catch was that to get a popsicle you had to make a connection with a stranger – that could be just saying hi, a fist bump, high-five, or even a hug. We snapped a polaroid in that moment and had our strangers hang it up on the wall behind them. Throughout the day, we had several hundred polaroids of people smiling and laughing with someone they just met.