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About Samsara

Growing up my mom always refurbished and sold furniture. I spent numerous weekends at auctions, estate sales, and flea markets. Her love of furniture and the skills she taught me created a great passion for salvaging old items. Samsara is a business I just started and is currently in the works.

Samsara, itself, is a Buddhist term for the cycle of death and rebirth. As trends come and go or items wear down, our furniture sometimes ends up on the curb, at a garage sale, or listed online. What Samsara does is buy these items and restore them to fit with the trends of today while still retaining the character of yesterday.

We have identified that you want an easy way to get rid of furniture items. We take the hassle out of dealing with strangers, negotiating, and wondering when you can finally get that ugly kitchen table out of your house.

On the other end, we know you’re looking for items with character that fall within a tight budget. Styling your home shouldn’t cost a fortune and that’s why we’re here.


More to come.