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The Problem

KQED, a PBS affiliate, wanted to build a website that would teach teachers about new media. The hope is that these teachers would then share their knowledge of new media with their students and better integrate technology in the classroom.

The Solution

We created a product that allows teachers to enroll in classes and complete exercises to better learn the course material. It also allows teachers to communicate with other teachers to give feedback, ask questions, and gain inspiration from each other.

Key Design Decisions

Card Layout

All courses and exercises teachers complete show up as cards. Each card contains different information depending on the content type.


Activity Log

KQED wanted a way to encourage teachers to comment and interact with the content other teachers created. We developed an activity log on the side of the page that shows the latest activity by teachers on the site. Teachers can easily click on the item and comment, save, or share from there.


Custom Dashboard

Begin a Course

Course Completed

Final Design


Abby Walter (Product Designer)
Patrick Ford (Senior Product Designer)
Scott Abbott (Creative Director)
Jon Betts (Front-End Developer)
Jeremy Amos (Back-End Developer)