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What is Continuum?

It is a product that allows users to view their phone screen on a larger device by connecting their Microsoft phones to their Windows computers.

Interactive Billboard

Through an interactive digital billboard, users can experience the power of controlling a large screen through their phone.

  1. User sees billboard

2. User goes to URL on their mobile device

3. Plays game

4. High scorers of the game are given a free Windows phone and Microsoft Continuum.


We used this stunt to then promote the game on social. Users still need four members to play and are rewarded with a discount if they score over 20 points.

Out of Home

Tokyo’s subway is the world’s biggest metro. By placing ads inside subways, we entice riders to go to our website on their mobile devices to win a prize.

They are then prompted to play a matching game that mimics the Windows mobile interface. They are randomly matched with another online person to complete the challenge.

If they win, they will get a code to redeem for a prize at special vending machines within the metro. At the end of their online experience, they can also choose to view what the Windows mobile interface is like by exploring a live demo.

Vending machines that mimic the look of a Windows desktop connected to Continuum allow for riders to claim their prize. They can choose from a wide array of Microsoft branded items. These machines will be placed at various stops within the metro.

TV Spot

My Role

Involved in concepting for traditional and non-traditional ads
Designed and animated the interface for the digital game
Designed subway experience


The Team

Bryn Bissey (CBM)
Lauren Tresco (ST)
Kaitlyn DeMayo (CW)
Ken Tsuchiya (AD)
Liwen Xu (AD)
Abby Walter (XD/Digital AD)