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The Problem

Our climate is rapidly changing, but when it comes to actually donating money for this cause, we are sometimes hesitant to do so.

The Solution

We partnered Groupon and the World Wildlife Fund to create a fake tourism campaign for places that will be great to visit because of the negative changes people have had on the environment.

Facebook Ads

Groupon will post sponsored ads for fake trip packages.

The Website

Users will either think it’s an actual package or find it so bizarre they’ll click on the ad. When they go to try to book a vacation they receive a message about the negative effects we are having on the environment and are prompted to donate some of the money they would have spent on a vacation to the World Wildlife Fund.

Social Share

Users are then prompted to share a post saying they just booked their vacation to help spread the word about global climate change.

My Role

Social Media Ads

The Team

Natasha Sligh (XD)
Abby Walter (AD)