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Brand Redesign

The Logo

A handwritten font adds a more playful and personal feel to Claire’s.

Claire’s Employee Guidelines

Every Claire’s employee embodies the Claire’s big sis mentality.

Employee Business Cards

Each employee gets a personal business card that they can write their name and number on. They will each have their own phone extension to answer messages from customers.

The Store

Step into your older sister, Claire’s room. It’s a space for girls to come and explore ways to express themselves. Look around the store and you will see notes left by her. You can try on the jewelry hanging on the walls. You can sit on the couch and lounge. And when it’s time to get your ears pierced the space is less intimidating and can be secluded by a curtain.

Store space

Ear piercing space

Earring Innovation

Getting your ears pierced is a form of self-expression. Claire wants to empower young girls to embrace their identity and how they express themselves by giving them a new way to do that through their earrings.

When young girls initially get their ears pierced, they must leave the same pair of earrings in for at least three months. During this time, girls are excited and anxious to change out their earrings for new ones. By adding magnets to both the stud of the earring and the decorative part, girls can change out the decorative piece whenever they want to while still allowing their ears to heal. This earring innovation extends past the first ear piercing by allowing girls to share earrings with each other in a more sanitary way.

The App

The app continues to let young girls seek advice from Claire even when they are not in the store. Because getting one’s ears pierced is often used as a reward along with the trip to buy jewelry. Claire wants to encourage and instill good habits by using this tool to help parents set goals for their children.

Child’s Account

Splash screen

Sign in



Custom avatar

Custom avatar

Jewelry box/Wish list

Try on earrings

Goals and rewards

Edit rewards

Store/Ask questions

Parent’s Account

Splash screen

Parent’s profile

Celebrate! box

Set tasks and rewards

Buy rewards

Store/Confirm appointment

Celebrate! Box

Claire knows how special major milestones in a young girl’s life are. Because you’ve told her through the app, parents can choose jewelry from their child’s wish list to order. Along with the item, the box will always include a unique message from Claire.


On shopping bags, Claire gives advice for everyday challenges in a pre-teen’s life. Topics range from school dances to crushes to being the new kid at school. We also developed a Snapchat filter that allows girls to try on different earrings to find the best way to express themselves.

My Role

Involved in in-store redesign
Development and conceptualization of earring innovation
Wireframed and designed app screens
Developed Claire’s guidelines

The Team

Jen Moody (CBM)
Christin Johnson (ST)
Caroline Gallalee (CW)
Elliot Eliash (AD)
Jasmine McCrae (AD)
Abby Walter (AD/XD)