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Who is Berkeley Student Coop?

Berkley Student Cooperative (BSC) provides low cost housing to over 1,250 college students. Students who live in their homes must contribute a certain amount of time to doing tasks around the house such as cooking and cleaning.

The Problem

Previously, BSC used an outdated system to keep track of a student’s hours and chore preferences that made it complicated to complete any task on the site. With multiple user roles (admin, house manager, house president, and student), the site had many variables that needed to be accounted for while maintaining a consistent design structure.

The Solution

We created a simple, modern platform for students to easily log hours, have those hours verified, view their schedule, rank their preferences, add availability, and alter their shifts if needed. The design stays consistent throughout all user roles and has additional features where needed.

UX Documentation

Before designing, we created an extensive list of use cases for each user role.

The Old Site


The student dashboard allows members to view notifications, internally message one another, see upcoming shifts, if they are down a shift, and update their task/availability preferences.

The manager dashboard is similar to the student dashboard with the exceptions that they can see how their members are doing in regards to down hours and hours completed.

The menu slides out from the left-hand side. The house manager has the most extensive menu while the student will not see the Manage House tab.

Managers can assign students to shifts by using filters on the right-hand side to select members who need hours and prefer to do the task.

Students can view their schedule.

If a student cannot complete their shift, they can try to find coverage for it.

Students can pick up shifts other students want to get rid of.

Final Design

This project is currently in development.

The Team

Abby Walter (Product Designer/Visual Designer)
Jon Betts (Front-End Developer)
Reid Barden (Back-End Developer)
Maggie Fok (Project Manager)