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Reimagine Who You Can Be

In-Store Experience

In retail locations, a Barbie mirror will be on the end cap of aisles. The mirror allows young girls to walk up and choose from an array of career options from the touchscreen. Once selected that outfit appears on them in the mirror.

The Mirror

The Interface

Online Customization

Go online and order a Barbie exactly like you.

Barbie – Just Like Me

The Barbie Just Like Me doll comes in a package that allows you to cut and fold it. This allows you to create a stand to hold your smartphone or tablet for an AR experience. Parents can buy additional clothing packs for more career options.

AR Experience

Imagining what a career is like can be difficult. The AR experience gives young girls the tools they need to imagine. Simply download the Barbie app and hold your doll in front of the front-facing camera. The camera will read the emblem on her clothes and create the appropriate career scene around her. Follow along with each new chapter as Barbie moves throughout her career and is faced with new situations.


AR Experience

Career Chapters

My Role

Designing in-store experience
Designing AR experience


The Team

Natasha Sligh (XD)
Limah Taeb (XD)
Abby Walter (AD)