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Speak Website

Many of us want to help pets, but don’t have the time to adopt or the resources to donate. Speak is that tool for those people. Head to the Speak website where you can view previous submissions.


When you’re ready, find a pet that best matches you by taking a quiz or by having your Facebook profile analyzed. Use our state-of-the-art Pet-Matcher-9000 to find the best personality match for you. By answering questions that both apply to humans and pets, we can find your best role.

Connect with Facebook

Log into your Facebook where it will analyze positivity, outgoingness, check-ins, and more to find your best match.


Once you’ve selected a pet there’s only one thing left to do. Hit record. Your voice will be magically translated to that pet where they can now tell their story aloud.

Social Sharing

Show off your pride for gifting your voice by sharing to Facebook and tagging your friends to do the same. There’s someone out there for them too.

Speak Local

Local shelters can use the Speak plugin for their website. Much like how Petfinder.com works, shelters can add animals and their bios to the Speak system and pull the voices that are collected from it onto their site. Potential adopters now are given a more fun and engaging view of their future pet’s personality.


The individual shelters can then take these recordings and upload it to a special voice recording box for the in-shelter experience. Before you even read their bio or pet them, you already have a sense of who they are.


Facebook Anniversary Video

Facebook currently matches you with your best human friend and creates a short video of your friendship, but what about your furry ones? You know the joys of having a pet and with Speak others can find that too.


We went to the Richmond SPCA with our idea and they loved it. So much so that they let us try out the voice recording box on a cat, Binks. Binks has severe cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that causes him to not be able to move easily. The voice box was installed March 29th. On April 21st, Binks found his forever home.

My Role

Art direction
Experience design
UX/UI of Speak screens
Tech behind the voice recording box
Researched, surveyed, and analyzed results from 324 pet owners


Matt Klugman (CW)
Abby Walter (AD)