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The Tool

Sign Up

Users enter in information based on the parental leave policy they have, what their annual expenses are, how much time they would like to take off and for how long.

Your Results

It would then calculate how much the user needs to save for the allotted time frame they set. They can then readjust the time or the amount of savings.

Confirmation and Credit Card Option

Finally, the user will be asked to confirm that they want to open a savings account. They will also be asked if they would like to open an Ally+1 credit card, where they can get cash back for shopping at select stores selling baby and child related merchandise.

The App

To go back and check on your savings, the Ally+1 account would be integrated with the existing Ally app. The savings account can eventually be converted into a college savings account.

Ally+1 Credit Card

Credit Card

The credit card is designed for couples and for chip readers so that the information on the card is never obscured when going into the machine.

Brand Partners

Rewards points would go towards these select brands.

The Package

Chrome Extension

With the Ally+1 Chrome Extension, users can connect their Ally account. Every time they open a new tab, they can see how much time they’ve accumulated. For people who don’t have Ally, they can still create a baby countdown. The extension allows for photo customization and acts as a daily encouraging reminder.

Greeting Cards

Saving money can be difficult. Ally sends words of encouragement through physical greetings cards for major savings milestones.

Bumper Sticker

They will also receive a Baby On Board Soon bumper sticker that expecting parents can peel off to reveal a Baby on Board sticker once their child has arrived.

The Campaign


Pinterest is the go-to-place for ideas to save money and plan for major milestones. Using Pinterest’s new scroll activated ads, we show how savings can translate to time with your new child.


Ally knows that money isn’t the only issue when it comes to parental leave. There is a huge association of guilt when taking time off work. Ally wants to change the workplace culture by creating the Ally Slack app. The app’s focus is to encourage employees to let others know that it’s ok to enjoy their time off with their child.

TV Spots

Case Study Video

My Role

Concepted for tool and video spots
Designed and wireframed screens for the tool
Concepted for and designed Pinterest ads, Slack app, and Chrome extension,
Animated case study video

The Team

Jess New (Copywriter)
Sam Jolley (Art Director)
Steph Langan (Art Director)
Abby Walter (Digital Art Director)